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 Impact 3/25/15 Results

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PostSubject: Impact 3/25/15 Results    Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:15 pm

From: Miami, Florida
Venue: Miami Airlines Arena
Date: 3/25/15 @ 8:00 PM ET

The Miami crowd is absolutely electric even though the arena is pitch black now with the blinking lights guiding their sights. We hear some drum roll effects followed by the vintage Impact fireworks that go out all over the entrance ramp and the ring! The crowd raises their signs, raises their voices so even deaf ears can hear! Impact is back, TNW is back, THE TNW UNIVERSE IS BACK! The camera pans taking various shots of the crowd and we now go to commentary with Michael Cole, JR AND THE KING!

“In all my years ladies and gentlemen I’ve never heard a crowd ooze excitement like this Miami crowd! I’m Jim Ross along-side my colleagues, Michael Cole and Jerry the King Lawyer! Gentlemen, welcome back to TNW.”

The King
“You’re exactly right, Jr! It’s great to finally be back with you guys and everyone around the arena is sharing my enthusiasm! I even kind of missed Michael Cole..Kind of.”

Michael Cole
“ Of course you save the best for last. If you’ve forgotten who I am, then shame on you. I’m Michael Cole and not only am I the greatest broadcast journalist, I’m also the voice of TNW. Fret no longer ColeMiners, I’m here to stay!”

The King
“Not even Cole’s brash comments are going to bring anyone down tonight! It’s here, TNW is back and what a night we have lined up. It’s only fitting we start the 1st night in style!”

Impact opens with a promo video hyping the main even for tonight, as we fade to the back to see Paige and Natyla fooling around before their match vs The Bella's

Intercontinetal Championship

Steel Cage

Triple Threat Pin Submisson Or Escape

vs vs

Great match Dolph Ziggler was actually in control kept doing all his highflying move.Then Bray starts to take control hitting all his power moves hits his signature. Jericho gets up on top rope and hits a dropkick after he runs to the ropes jumps off them Bray counters then picks him up and hits his finisher sister Abigail but out of now where Ziggler hits the zig zag for the win.

And you're winning and new Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler. Dolph goes wild as TNW goes to its first commercial break.

TNW returns with a video of Dolph in the back. After Overcoming The Odds That Was Stacked Against Him Dolph Ziggler came out on top to become the first ever TNW IC Champion. Dolph Ziggler was able to comment on this matter.

Dolph Ziggler: The odds weren't really on my side you see. I had someone with more experience and someone with more power to get through to get this baby right here. Hard Work pays off when you're determined to put in the work. So you wanna know what I have to say. I went out there to show off but instead I Stole The Show. Thank you everybody who believed I can do it.

Tag Team Match


The match starts of with Natyla vs Brie, Brie gets the upper hand as the The Bella's isolate Natyla from making the tag, Working on Natyla back Brie keeps her grounded, She Goes to the top rope and attempts a body splash but Natyla rolls out the way. Natyla crawls and makes the tag to Paige as Brie tags in Nikki, Paige drops Nikki with a a clothline, she waits for Nikki to run at her and rolls her up for the 3 counts

Winners : Paige and Natlya

TNW fades to a commercial

We return from commercial break as we see Josh Roberts interviewing Randy Orton

Josh: Hello Randy thanks for taking the time to talk to me, Tonight you face Brock Lesnar in an I Quit match for the TNW United States Championship, everybody been wondering how do you plan in stopping the beast.

Randy smirks at Josh questions for a second before turning serious

Randy: Josh are you listening to your self, are you even serious I'm the viper Randy Orton, tonight is an I Quit match which means no rules no count outs nothing all out brawl, which means I can do anything I want to Brock Lesnar, the question you should of asked is how is Brock going stop me. Yeah Brock did beat me in the WWE but this is TNW this is the start of something great and I will start it off tonight when I RKO Brock right in the middle of that ring and leave as the first ever...

Randy stops for a minute and smiles

Randy: TNW United States Champion.

Randy walks off as TNW fades to a commercial break.


Divas Championship

Triple Threat

vs vs

Match starts off with AJ & Tamina double teaming Naomi the whole match Aj hits her finisher and Tamina throws her out the ring and pins Naomi to becomes the divas champion.

TNW Heads to a break.

TNW returns from break.

Feedback reverb echoes throughout the arena, then suddenly the lights go out. After another wave of feedback reverb the lights turn back on to reveial Bray Wyatt in the center of the ring in his rocking chair,slowly rocking back and forth with a twisted smile and hollow vacant eyes that suddenly blazed with anger as he jumped with a mighty howl more animal than man. After throwing his hat in anger he grabs a microphone and drops to his knees with a bowed head....

Bray Wyatt: SHE SINGS THE SONGS, SHE SINGS THE SONGS! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! When I was but a boy I was told of a world. A world full of sunshine and rainbows and of all things that glitter as gold.Where the woes of a empty soul can be washed away! I was told these pleasures in life where not meant for me but for the herd. The flock of sheep know as man. At that moment she raised my head and told me.YOU ARE SHADWOW! YOU ARE THE SHEPARD, and this world you see is hollow. After leaping to his feet he begins to pace the ring with a crazed look in his eyes....

Bray Wyatt: THE DARKNESS IS YOUR FRIEND! THE COLD IS YOUR FAMILY! THE SHADOWS ARE YOUR HOME....and those who dwell in light,are blinded by the darkness. Therefore my sweet boy you must guide them,teach them,OPEN THERE EYES TO THAT WHICH THEY CANNOT SEE! With a kiss and a beacon you will guide them to the new world. That beacon, that shining light that pierces the darkness is in the hands of a false idol. A mere man revered as a god. But like all falsehoods it shall be shown and your idol will crumble before your very eyes. Dolph Ziggler
I will capture this beacon, I will capture my salvation....... Bray drops to his knees, slowly raises his head as says. RUN....... Feedback reverb fade to black.......

TNW Goes to A break.

TNW Returns from break and sets up for the I quit match

US Championship

I Quit Match


Randy theme plays over the PA system as he makes his way out from the back, the crowd is showing mixed reactions as Orton looks to stop Brock Lesnar and conquer the Us Championship,

Orton waits in the ring for the arrival of Brock Lesnar. Brock Makes his way out with an angry mug on his face he walks straight down the ramp and hops in the and waits for the the referee to ring the bell declaring the start of the match. Soon as the match starts Lesnar charges Orton and hits him with a belly to belly suplex, Brock picks him up and suplexs him again and again, Orton begins to hold his neck as if he feeling pain.

Brock begins to smirk and signals for the F5 and hoist Orton onto his shoulda be Orton counters it into a RKO, Orton quickly tells the referee to ask Lesnar does he quit Lesnar says noo, Orton gets angry and rolls out the ring goes under the ring and pulls out a table

Orton lifts the table and the ring and says out loud finish him, Orton sets the table up and goes over to pick Brock up but out of no where Lesnar low blows him before he could drop Lesnar suplexs him though the table Orton screaming in pain, Brock signals the ref to ask Orton, Orton yells hell no Brock gets pissed

Brock lifts Orton up and punches him right back down, he lifts Orton up Irish whips him in the corner  he chargers but Orton moved out the way and landed another RKO, Orrton dropped out the ring and leaned on the steps thinking of a way to end this match

Orton grabs two steel chairs and head back into the ring he hits Lesnar in the back repeatly, Orton picks Lesnar up and RKO's him one the chair, Orton smiles as he slides one of the chairs under the face of Lesnar and beats his head repeatly the ref calls for the bell.

And you're winning and new United States champion Rannndyyy Ortoon.......

Orton smiles as he grabs the title

TNW fades to the lockeroom to see none other then Sting!

Josh:Hello everybody I'm here with The Icon Sting,Now Sting what made u join TNW.
Sting:Well Josh Have u ever felt the Scorpion Deathlock or been dropped by the Scorpion Death Drop or How about the Stinger Splash,I'm here because of my Stingers they wanted me here and I'm Here to be TNW World Champ but for Now I'm coming for the TNW US Title.

TNW heads to break.

TNW returns from break

Tag Team Championship


Wade Barrett and Curtis Axel stand in the ring going over their game plan as Goldust and Tyson Kidd make their way to the ring. There is a big fight feel in the air as the TNW Universe prepares for this TNW Tag Team Championship bout the ref calls for the bell as Curtis Axel and Goldust starts things off...

Things seem to be at a stalemate as Axel and Goldust go back and forth move for move when suddenly Barrett tags himself in. Confused after a few exchanged words, Barrett steps in with bravdo and confidence.

After a small technical flurrry of reversals and one-up manship Wade take a commanding lead as he imposes his will on goldust. After a few tags and some double team moves it seems Wade Barrett and Curtis Axels game plan is going off without a hitch. At this point Tyson kidd is Chomping at the bit for so in ring action. After a last ditch effort reversal Goldust creates seperation from Curtis and finally makes a tag to Tyson who comes in full blast all guns blazing.

In the moments of that rally Tyson Kidd seemed to turn the momentum in their favor and it seems like the match would be settled here. Barrett goes for a tag but Goldust pulls Curtis off the ring apron at the last second banging his head off the ring and Denying Barrett the tag so Barrett comes back with a rally of his own off a corner reversal to hit Tyson with the Winds of change followed by Wasteland. Barrett pins Tyson 1....2.... but Goldust makes the save!

Barrett waits for the right moment then off a rebound irish whip reversal he launches Tyson Kidd in to the air then...Boom Bullhammer Elbow connects out of the blue with deadly force. Barrett pins Tyson, Goldust runs in to make the save but Axel meets him mid-ring with a swinging neckbreaker. 1....2....3! The ref calls for the bell.

The winners and your newly crowned TNW Tag Team Champions of the world... Wade Barrett and Curtis Axel.

TNW heads to break.

TNW Returns from break backstage with the new Tag team champs.

Josh: Curtis Axel and Wade Barrett Congratulations on a hard fought victory in obtaining the TNW Tag Team Championships. Would you like to share any thoughts on the match or your opponents Goldust and Tyson Kidd. He directs the microphone in Axels direction...

Curtis Axel: WHY DONT YOU BE QUIET AND STOP EMBARRASSING YOURSELF JOSH! My Father was a Intercontinental Champion as well as a Tag Team Champion, are you really surprised to see this gold on my shoulder? As far as Goldust and Tyson Kidd go ( he scoffs ) when your better than perfec.... Wade Barrett snatches the microphone from Josh

Wade Barrett: AS FAR AS GOLDUST AND AND TYSON KIDD GO YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT I THINK THIS BLOODY BULLHAMER IT'S WHAT I THINK! Those wankers never stood a bloody chance in hell. To think they could step in the ring with a fighter the caliber of the bare knuckle brawler? Maybe the bullhammers they ate knocked some sense into their bloody skulls. BOOM! Wade Barrett walks away. Stunned Josh turned to Axel who had a smug cocky grin on his face he simply laughed and said.

Curtis Axel: You heard the man....stupid. As pushes Josh as he walks by. Fade to black...

Before TNW heads to break theirs a quick highlight video of Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels: The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels is here in TNW for on reason and that's to find myself a partner and come for the TNW Tag Team Titles and if your not down with that I got two words for you S**k IT

TNW heads to break

TNW comes back in the back with Josh Roberts & Seth Rollings

Josh goes to talk but Seth cuts him off.

Seth Rollins:Tonight I walk into the main event,with a chance to become World Heavyweight Champion.Im gonna take my rightful place as champion, and my rightful place as the best in the world.

Seth walks off.

Main event

World Heavyweight Championship

Fatal 4 Way

vs vs vs

Ring Announcer: This next match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the TNW World Heavyweight Championship. *Seth Rollins theme play from PA system*

Seth Rollins comes from back stage and with ah smug look on his face he stares down at the ring prepared for battle. Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring and the crowd is booing him as he walks towards the ring.

Standing in the ring Seth Rollins is ready to see his next opponent.

Then all of ah sudden the lights go out then ah lighting flash hits the stage then out of nowhere puff of smoke starts to rise. *Dong* (the crowd starts screaming)

The Undertaker theme starts playing from PA system.

Undertaker comes from back stage and is standing at the top of the stage staring down at the ring where Seth Rollins and starts slowly walking down the ramp. The fans in the crowd are screaming to the top of their lungs.

Finally the Undertaker is standing on the steel steps staring at Seth Rollins TNW que in on Rollins face and Rollins mean mugging the Undertaker. Then the lights cut on and Undertaker slowly takes his hat off then Undertaker eyes roll to the back of his head.

Now Undertaker and Seth Rollins are in the ring waiting for their third opponent. *Daniel Bryan theme plays from PA system* the crowd rises to their feet, Daniel Bryan runs from back stage, the crowd instantly start the YES chant Daniel Bryan is standing at the top of the stage looking around TNW arena smiling then joins the crowd skipping down the ramp say YES YES YES. Then Daniel make it in the ring looking at the Undertaker and Seth Rollins feeling good about the match.

All three competitors looking at each other, then Dean Ambrose theme plays on PA system *Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta Shield* the crowd is cheering and looking around seeing where Dean Ambrose Coming from then thats when TNW caught dean coming from the crowd then Dean viciously  hop over barricade making his way to the ring.

Dean makes it to the apron but before he gets in the ring he stares at all three of the other competitors then get in the ring ready.

So the bell ring and the match starts, instantly Ambrose goes after Daniel Bryan but Bryan reverse it. And Bryan throws Dean out the ring. Dean is pissed so he grabs ah chair and hit Daniel Bryan. Then Ambrose makes his way over to Undertaker and Rollins Undertaker slammed Seth Rollins and Dean hit Undertaker with chair.

Daniel got up and Dean Ambrose tossed Daniel in the ring and went for the pin but only ah 2 count. Seth Rollins and Undertaker gets in the ring Dean tries to slam Rollins but Rollins reversed it and Daniel Slammed Undertaker. Daniel runs after Rollins and kicked him, Rollins falls down Dean gets up and clothesline Daniel then Undertaker gets up and Slam Dean on his back and goes for the pin but only a one count.

Seth Rollins get up and do signature move on Undertaker and Daniel hit finisher on Rollins then Dean Ambrose hit dirty deeds on Daniel Bryan then Dean goes for the pin.

The Ref: Counts 1...2...3
The Bell: Ding Ding Ding

The crowd is screaming at the top over their lungs cause they witness an epic match.

Dean Ambrose has this look on his face in disbelief. They give title to Dean Ambrose. Dean gets on the top turnbuckle talking to the crowd. Body's are laying every. Then Dean rolls out the ring kissing the title Dean making his way through the crowd. Dean turns around looking at the audience and the ring then looks at title. Dean Ambrose holds title in air really high and smirks evil at everybody.

*TNW cameras fade to black screen* *Commercial comes on*


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PostSubject: Re: Impact 3/25/15 Results    Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:34 pm

The show was out standing, the crowd was electric eveything and everyone was so excited about matches and this being TNW first show. My favorite match that i would have liked to see was United States Championship match. Seeing Randy Orton interview with Josh made me want to tune in that match. But outstanding job with the entire show, competitiors and fans...GREAT JOB
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Impact 3/25/15 Results
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