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 League Rules

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PostSubject: League Rules   Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:13 pm

Add VARIETY to your matches by NOT excessively repeating the same things.

The only custom superstars allowed are those from other promotions (TNA, ROH, etc.) or those in WWE who are not in the game. Made-up/Original superstars are prohibited.
Created movesets, overalls and abilities must be realistic.
Comeback is only allowed on default characters or a superstar who had it in a previous iteration of a game.

First pin must be after a finisher

Allow CLEAN in ring entry to your opponent. Back away to the farthest side of the ring from them, and commence fighting once they have successfully reentered.

Match result's must be recorded xbox added the feature to upload videos

No Spaming moves, no taunt spamming, no constant running, if you feel someone is cheating please let one the league owners know. In tag matches, wait until the pin is made before entering the ring.
If you’re not the legal man, stay out of the ring unless it’s to break a

****The following definition is brought to you by The WWE Games Dictionary in order to educate you****


1. Having someone in the position to do a move, and then not doing it immediately.

2. Standing there like a jackass that's oblivious to the fact that him stalling this move is going to ruin the match and majorly piss off his opponent.

3.  Being a dick

If you do NOT have the STAMINA to do your desired move, you do NOT stand there until it builds up to do it because as you learned above...that is essentially waiting, and waiting is NOT allowed.


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League Rules
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